Investing in Romania. Investing in an industrial plant.


Open a start up. Start the construction of a biomass plant in Romania. Following the publication on our crowdfunding portal of an investment project in Romania for the construction of a biomass plant for the production of energy, we decided to explore the theme through the interview with the developer of the project. We are […]

Is safe the money in italian (european) banks? Remove the money from banks?


Risk of failure of banks? The title is provocative but perhaps not so much. What would happen to a company if it lost in just a few years even the 80 / 90% of its value? And what happens if, for example if a company refuses to the vast majority of its clients (80/90%) the […]

Transfer the residence in Monaco.


┬áMoving to Monaco: take up the residence in Monaco. ┬áThe escape from Italy and from other nations to live in countries with better taxation, it is very common. The decision to transfer personal residence in the Principality of Monaco, is also the opportunity to enjoy a range of services and benefits that the Principality of […]

Risk of real estate bubble in Italy? Second part.


Is there a risk of real estate bubble in Italy? We continue from the first part where we spoke of the risk of a housing bubble for the Italian market due to a number of critical issues that are expanding and with the adding to other problems that they can cause in the future, problematic […]

Investing in real estate of the Principality of Monaco: buying a house in Monaco.


Investing in the Principality of Monaco. The Principality of Monaco is a tiny state located on the Riviera between Nice and Menton near the Italian border. The limited availability of physical space compared to the high demand for real estate, has made this area very expensive in terms of real estate. Investing in real estate […]

Business for sale: how calculate the right price and the time to sell.


Selling a business: knowing when it’s time to sell.   In the selling of a business, the best business are made when the sale of an asset is carried at certain times, that is, when the business is sold to its maximal value reached.   It is not always easy to pinpoint the right time […]

In which property to invest in Italy? What properties make more in Italy?


What will change between 2012 and 2013 in the investment property in Italy? Undoubtedly, the increase in taxes on houses and the general difficulties which affect the Country, seriously will affect the value of the brick in the future. Moreover, from some time, the Italian real estate market, suffers from several problems. On what properties […]

Business for sale: how to calculate the value of a business. Second part.


Selling a business: how to calculate the value of customers. We continue from the first part, where we considered the elements that influence the value of a ‘customer base’ held by a company. We have seen that it is not easy to determine the real value of a customer portfolio held by a business firm […]

Transfer personal residence abroad. In which country are paying less taxes? Second part.


Change tax residence to pay less taxes. In the first part, we presented an overview of the requirements that companies and people, when they decide or are considering moving to others countries with ‘lower taxation’ or those areas known as ‘tax free’. In this second part, we analyze some of those countries that offer advantages […]

How to calculate the value of a business.


How is the value of a business determined? How much is the value of a package of clients? We spoke again of the value of a business due to its customer base. The value of a company/business on sale, is often connected to its ‘customer base’ and in the case of a traditional store or […]